Marijuana Sales Overview -May 2017

The recreational numbers for May 2017 were released by the LCB this weekend.  The total sales of all Washington marijuana companies (producer, processors, and retailers) was $119,847,704.  When you add the additional $27,683,477 in excise tax paid by consumers, a staggering $147,531,181 was the total figure of marijuana sales across the ecosystem.

Even more impressive – this represents a 48.68% increase versus May of 2016.  This is nearly identical to the 48% sales growth in Colorado from March 2016-March 2017 as reported by the Cannabist.

Here is a breakout for WA State cannabis sales:

  • May 2015 total sales $41,623,192
  • May 2016 total sales $99,778,846
  • May 2017 total sales $147,531,181

Producers showed the largest sales growth in the last 12 months with a 75.47% increase in sales from May of 2016.  Processors grew 54.16% and retail sales increased 44.3% over the last year.  Retail still brings in the lion’s share of cash.

Below are interactive reports for retailer/processor/producer. You can slice by county/any month in 2017. For up to date data on the top selling products in WA State, the lemonhaze top charts update every hour. If you are a licensed retailer/processor/producer in WA State, you can get free access to our product catalog.




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