Marijuana Cloud Wars: Microsoft vs. Amazon

If you want to buy recreational weed during work hours on your commute home- Amazon beats out Microsoft by a foot long. Maybe that’s a good thing according to the New York Times.

Marijuana and tech go back millions of years- to the time when dinosaurs were using IM while puffing on joints. Today, the Seattle area is home to major tech titans. We were curious to see the proximity of legal weed shops to Amazon & Microsoft headquarters. Specifically, how many weed shops are in the vicinity of MSFT & AMZN corporate offices?

Because traffic is getting real up in Seattle – we limited the stores to a 2.5 mile radius. The distance of 2.5 miles would be the equivalent to a half-hour lunch-break stroll or ninety-minutes in snarling downtown traffic.

Amazon currently has twelve (12) marijuana shops in its 2.5 mile radius. To put that into perspective, that’s eleven 11 more store locations than Amazon Go. Microsoft has *only* 5 weed stores in its 2.5 mile radius.

Below is an interactive map featuring all the local Fortune 500 Companies and the corresponding ganja depots nearby. (Costco for e.g. has but a single marijuana mart within 2.5 miles, which is why I could never work there…)

Some questions to ruminate over:
1) How crazy is it that Amazon is annihilating has annihilated the retail industry – yet there is an explosive retail sector within their backyard that they have yet to touch?

2) Do you reckon this would be a compelling stat for Amazon recruiters? (Yes- it can get intense around here…but did you know how many weed stores we have next to HQ??)

3) When can we expect to get our weed delivered via Amazon Prime Air?

4) What’s really going in those Amazon Greenhouses?

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.23.03 PM

P.S. There is some funkiness with hyperlinks within the Tableau embed. We apologize. Embedding Tableau into the blog is a vexing task – so much so – that we need to inhale some THC to recover from the process. 

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