Endless Scrolling Has Arrived

Thanks to our product team- the marijuana top charts now have endless scrolling. To commemorate this release, we created a movie trailer.

What’s endless scrolling you ask? That’s what all the cool websites are doing today. You start reading a news article someone sent you and the next thing you know- you are on your fifth article on the same page. With no end in sight!

Historically, our top charts pages have been limited to whatever particular chart you clicked on. You eagerly click on the full CBD top charts and all you got were the top 50 cbd products in Washington State. Thereafter, if you wanted to see more top brands + products, you would have to click on the BACK button. OMG. Back button. So 2014.

With endless scrolling, no more back buttons. BABY DON’T GOT BACK. Y’all can scroll through 450 top selling products in one fell swoop.

For all you tech geeks out there- this has feature parity on both desktop and mobile. Have fun exploring.

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