There are more recreational pot shops than Starbucks in Oregon

Chalk this up as another reason to move to Oregon. According to the latest and greatest insights for Team Lemonhaze, there are currently more recreational weed stores in Oregon than there are Starbucks.

If you recall, which you probably do not if you smoke weed and have short term memory loss, Washington State has more Starbucks than weed shops. The tally in Washington State is: 745 team Starbucks to 357 team weed. Btw, we do not judge you for the short term memory loss you are experiencing as a result of cannabis consumption. In fact, we have a lot more to say on this matter and if/when we remember exactly what it is, we will share it on the blog.

According to our analysis, there are 368 recreational weed stores in Oregon versus 351 Starbucks shops. Below is an interactive report that breaks down:
1) pot shops vs. Starbucks by county in Oregon State
2) household income by county

FYI, there was an article written in 2015 stating that Oregon has 248 Starbucks to 269 weed shops. A few things to note: our report is NOT looking at medical dispensaries. We are solely counting recreational stores. The 2015 article is based on medical dispensaries.

Our source for recreational shop count is based on the State of Oregon site. You can download a PDF or Excel of marijuana licensed retailers. While the unique count for active + recreational stores is 441, notice that a bunch of the Oregon locations have multiple cannabis licenses attached to them. Wherever multiple licenses were associated with the same address/name/Latitude and Longitude, we rolled them into a single location.

Second, the article said there were 248 Starbucks in Oregon. However, if you check SBUX corp site, it lists Oregon as having 349 total Starbucks for FY 2016. (198 co-operated + 151 licensed.) For Starbucks locations, we utilized this open source resource.  (The difference between our 351 count & Starbucks 349 puts us at 99.4% accuracy, which is not bad for stoners. As to the discrepancy of 349 to 351, we think this can be attributed with mall/Teavana locations.)

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