Analyzing the Joints Per Capita

Here at headquarters we often find ourselves exploring the plethora of amazing cannabis products on the market (for posterity, of course) and thinking about fun insights into the cannabis culture of Washington.  As anyone in i502 knows, pre-rolls are growing rapidly in market share.  In fact, according to our live market charts,  pre-rolls are extremely popular, and Phat Panda’s OG Chem Pre-Roll has been the number one selling product in the state for as long as we can remember. (by units)

PR Top Charts

So we began to wonder, how many pre-rolls are being bought in the state?  How many pounds of marijuana are being consumed in pre-roll form?  How far would the pre-rolls bought stretch if laid out from the clutch to the tip?  And maybe you didn’t wonder about this yourselves until this moment, but I bet you are now; so, let’s figure it out!

The first thing we needed to do was break out the various packs of pre-rolls, then we needed to figure out the average length of a preroll, and calculate the weight of pre-rolls into pounds.  These will be approximate calculations leaning on the conservative side.  So let’s get smokin’!

The first thing we looked at was December 2016 vs January 2017.  We found that approximately 1,160,709 joints were bought (and presumably smoked) in December, which cost, with tax, a little over $8.5 million. In January joint consumption dropped to approximately 888,328 joints which cost $6.4 million out-the-door.  That is a lot of joints!

So what is that in length? This could, of course, have a lot of variables to consider.  For our calculations, we used the Average King Size paper, which is between 98-109mm.  Throw that through some math and we get between 3.85-4.29 inches: so 4 inches it is!

Now let’s convert this to miles using X-inches*(1/12)*(1/5280) and we find that Washingtonians smoked 73.28 miles of joints in December 2016!  That’s enough Joints to stretch all the way from Seattle to Victoria Canada (as the crow flies)!

Seattle to Victoria Canada_joint

In January we only smoked 56.08 miles of joints.  Still not bad, this gets over Snoqualmie Pass from Seattle!

Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass_joint

Now let’s look at weight. Using some old-school math (1g=.0022lb) we discovered that WA smoked 443.31 lbs of pre-rolls in January and 373.14 lbs of joints in January 2017.  That is equivalent to the weight of an average Tiger, Lion, Bear or Gorilla, OH MY!


But we didn’t stop there.  Next, we asked ourselves: how about all of 2016?  Well, let’sBMW take a look.  We found that Washington smoked approximately 10,238,720 joints in 2016, at an out-the-door cost of $81 million!  This amounts to 3830.54 lbs and 646.38 miles!

To put that in perspective: the curb weight of a 2014 BMW 5-series is 3,814 pounds!  And 646 miles, well, that’s the Seattle to San Fransisco_jointCrow’s flight distance to get from Downtown Seattle to Downtown San Francisco!

WA PR Facts

So what is the JPC (Joints Per Capita) for Washington in 2016?  According to US census estimates for 2016, Washington’s population was 7,170,351 people.  So that makes the 2016 JPC=.70.  Now that might not seem like a lot but there are a few more things to consider.  An estimated 23% of the population is under age, bringing the estimated population to 5,521,170 with a JPC of 1.85.  Now, when we further consider that the UN’s 2011 Drug Report estimates that in the US 13.7% of adults consume cannabis regularly then this brings the estimated population to 767,443 and 2016 JPC=13.34!

To see the JPC of by county, use the interactive Map below.  You can use the Measure filter to switch between JPC, JPC for Total Population, the number of Joints and Miles of Joints per county! Hover over the county to learn more about it.

So to all the amazing i502 Processors in Washington, if you keeping spinning ’em, we’ll keep smoking ’em (but do you think you could solve the canoeing issue, wink-wink)!

Keep puffing Washington, and remember “Don’t Bogart that joint my friend, and pass it along to me!”

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