Starbucks versus Pot Shops – WA State

This afternoon, Starbucks (NASDAQ SBUX) released their Q2 earnings for the fiscal year 2017. Consolidated revenue grew to $5.3 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money and a lot of coffee.

Here at Lemonhaze Labs, our curiosity rivals that of a cat.  Washington State is the proud capital of Starbucks Coffee. Recreational weed went legal here in 2014. So- we began to wonder……how many Starbucks are in WA versus weed shops?

Below is an interactive report that answers this question. You can slice and dice by city and county. Just a crazy stat to consider; Washington State consumers spent $211,719,542 on weed during the same 3- month period; January/Feb/March 2017.  (If you include the 37% excise tax, consumers actually shelled out $290,055,770!).

This means that marijuana sales in Washington State alone represent 4.1% of global Starbucks sales during the same time frame. Maybe Starbucks should launch a Kush Frappuccino in Q3?

FYI- this report shows 745 total Starbucks stores for Washington. The Starbucks corporate site has 743 for the total count of WA stores. (click on store counts by state)

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