The Jeff Sessions Marijuana Collection

As if Washington State was not already an amazing place to live….it gets even better!

Have you ever asked yourself “wouldn’t it be great if I could smoke some Jeff Sessions weed?“. How many times have you caught yourself fantasizing over the notion of branded AG Sessions reefer? Good news: Jeff Sessions marijuana is now available!

Courtesy of the fine folks over at Leaph, you can now smoke yourself silly with Smoke Sessions. Uncle Ike’s on Capital Hill is selling 7 grams of Sessions for $15, including tax. That’s just over $2 per gram! This is almost better than tax reform because pot is much more fun than taxes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.22.43 AM.png

I can personally vouch for Leaph weed, having consumed one of their pre-rolls in its entirety. For your viewing pleasure, here are several product images:




So….hurry and grab yourself a stash of this stuff, before it ends up on Ebay!

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