The Trouble With Canoeing Joints

The canoeing has got to stop. Before we go off on a tangent here, which we will, a few useful nuggets of information.

First off: this is an image of a canoe: Pack_green_angle_zoom

Second: our canoeing problem has nothing to do with an actual canoe. The top rated definition for canoeing on Urban Dictionary is: When a joint burns faster on one side. Can be quickly remedied by saliva on the finger and well placed tapping. This is the canoeing outbreak we are struggling with.

The canoeing of WA rolled joints is problematic for so many reasons:

  1. you are smoking a pre-roll and a HUGE chunk gets wasted thanks to canoeing
  2. you are smoking with a canoeing repair expert and now you have their saliva holding the blunt together for dear life
  3. you attempt to salvage the joint by applying your own saliva, but it causes the pre-roll to become a soggy mess and BOOM, the J is dead 🙁

An image is worth a thousand words UNLESS of course it’s an image that has more than a thousand words on it. So let’s demonstrate what a canoeing joint looks like IRL.

(Warning: the following image may result in discomfort and buzz-kill. Not suitable for sensitive adults.)

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.29.01 AM

Please note: the PCP (pre-roll canoeing problem) is not created equal. In fact – some marijuana brands do a better job at filling their pre-rolls. And kudos to them for taking on this monster. But this is far from over.

We must unite. Together. As a community. To address and solve world canoeing. It’s about time!

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